Join us for our official Social Media Campaign for the international conference in 2024!

Dear representatives of the MPS societies

As you know, we – the MPS organisations from Switzerland, Austria and Germany – are organising the International Symposium on MPS and Related Diseases in 2024 together. For this we are planning a social media campaign for which we ask for your support.

The motto of the conference is „auf Augenhöhe“ literally translated „on eye level“. While developing the concept, we were surprised to discover that there is no comparable expression in the English-speaking world.

„Auf Augenhöhe“ is a common expression in the German language. To meet on eye level – that means to regard the other person as an equal, to listen to him or her and to treat him or her with respect. Since MPS patients experience exactly this too rarely and since we want to set a positive example to meet „auf Augenhöhe“ at the conference, we have chosen this motto.

The idea

We would like to put this theme at the centre of our social media promotion as well and have come up with a video campaign for this purpose.

We want to translate the meaning of „auf Augenhöhe“ into as many languages as possible and show our wonderfully colourful, international MPS community in the process.

Specifically, we are asking you to:


Translate the text below into your national language. If your country has several common languages, you’re welcome to make several versions.

Meeting each other at eye level - that means: We are equal. We listen to each other. We take each other seriously. We treat each other with respect. Too often, MPS sufferers do not experience exactly that. Let's change that together.

Se rencontrer d'égal à égal - cela signifie que nous sommes égaux. Nous nous écoutons les uns les autres. Nous nous prenons au sérieux. Nous nous traitons avec respect. Trop souvent, les personnes atteintes de la MPS n'en font pas l'expérience. Ensemble, changeons cela.

Sich auf Augenhöhe begegnen – das bedeutet: Wir sind gleich. Wir hören uns zu. Wir nehmen uns ernst. Wir begegnen uns mit Respekt. Zu oft erfahren MPS-Betroffene genau das nicht. Lasst uns das gemeinsam ändern.

Make the Video

Film one or more representatives of your MPS society saying the text. You do not need any special equipment, a smartphone is sufficient.

The only important thing is that you record the video in portrait format (9:16).

Who speaks the text for you is entirely up to you. It can be your chairman of the board, managing director, a person affected and/or a relative, regardless of age.

Send it to us

Send the video and the translated text (e.g. as a Word or .txt file) to via

Please include:

  • your video (videos if you have several languages)
  • the translation(s) in written form
  • the names of the people appearing in the video
  • the name of your organisation
  • the language in which you recorded the video and
  • the name of your Instagram account (if existing), so that we can tag you later.
The deadline for submissions is 17 September

We will then edit the videos and post them under the official conference Instagram account at regular intervals from September until the start of the conference. At the conference, we will also show the videos and print the translations of „auf Augenhöhe“ in all languages.

We hope that as many of you as possible will participate and are looking forward to your videos and translations!

If you have any questions about the campaign, please feel free to contact Anna (MPS Austria) and Tabea (MPS Germany) at

Best wishes from Switzerland, Austria and Germany!

Examples from AUstria and Germany
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